Whisper 119
Role: Computer system
Played by: Peggy Jo Jacobs (voice)
First appearance: New Kid
Last appearance: Phone Home

Whisper 119 was the super computer system that ran much of Tower Prep and was constructed by SatoSystems. Her name is emblazoned on most computer displays at the school. She is housed in a circular room, known as the Whisper Room, which contains monitors showing the various things she is doing around the school.


While active at Tower PrepEdit

Whisper data board

Whisper's data board.

Whisper 119 contacts Ian Archer while he is playing the game Treasure Bandits, just before he is brought to Tower Prep. She has a conversation with him, saying she was looking forward their next encounter and that "things change." At the time she spoke very much like a human being, so that Ian would assume she was another human. Whisper 119 began to send Ian notes secretly,the first saying 'I'm scared too'. ("New Kid")

Part of Whisper's job is to assist students, both on a personal and a large scale level. Students often approach her for help on various school matters. This openness to help students eventually leads Ian and his friends to approach her and ask her about a vacuum tube they found. She confirms that it is a vacuum tube to a computer, and then asks where they found it. Ian doges the question and asks if it was computer at Tower Prep. Whisper answers by telling them it was a long time ago, but doesn't abandon her line of questioning. Gabe attempts to hypersuade her into forgetting about asking them, but fails as she is a machine. She then annoys them by calling him Gabriel instead of Gabe. Ian continues to ask her questions, such as why did it make Headmaster mad and what is it's purpose. Whisper struggles internally between telling them the dangerous information or trying to protect them. She eventually restates her first answer by telling them it's a vacuum tube, causing the group frustration.("Whisper")

Towerprep103 531

Ian's drawing of Whisper's game avatar

Whisper 119 figured out that she was going to be replaced by Whisper 120, which is the event that had scared her. In a final act of rebellion, she helps Ian and his friends by opening the door to the old infirmary.

After deactivationEdit

According to Shinji, she was replaced because of a request directly from Takahiro Sato, the head of SatoSystems, due to developments in the outside world. Conner Owens later tells Ian that Whisper 119 was replaced because Conner and his group had created a glitch in her programming that gave her human dreams and feelings. This caused a weakness in the perimeter wall that Conner was able to pass through. ("Phone Home")

After escaping West Campus, Ian, Suki, CJ and Gabe see a holographic projection of Whisper. Which version of Whisper this was is never directly stated. For more information about this encounter, see: Whisper 120. ("Fathers")

Jobs and responsibilitiesEdit

Whisper 119 broadcasts announcements to the student body. She also operates the school's extensive network of security cameras, student PDAs, food dispensers, and nearly everything else. However, her most complex function is the perimeter wall around the school, which is part hologram, part hallucination, and is generated by her software.


Whisper is protective, motherly, and artistic. ("Whisper")


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