Whisper 120
Role: Computer system
Played by: Peggy Jo Jacobs
First appearance: Phone Home

Whisper 120 is the artificial intelligence system that runs Tower Prep and the successor to Whisper 119.


SatoSystems, the company that created the Whisper systems, insisted that 119 needs to be replaced and sent Suki's brother Shinji to complete it. ("Phone Home") In day-to-day operations, Whisper 120 is not very different from 119, although the tone in her voice is colder and she does not remember her predecessor's rapport with Ian and his group.

An example of Whisper 120's lack of friendly rapport and change of personality is when she is confronted by Gabe who asks for an apple. She addresses him as "Mr. Forrest" instead of his first name like 119 and replies, "You are Gabriel Forrest? Perhaps you intended to order a candy apple?" Eventually Gabe is able to talk her into giving him two apples, and he walks away calling her "sucker." ("Trust")

When Conner Owens returns, he reveals that 119 was upgraded because Conner was able to hack her systems, giving her human traits that led her to empathize with the students, and allowed Conner to walk through the holographic perimeter wall. According to Conner, Whisper 120 has no conscience and now projects a wall with an intensified electrical field. ("Snitch")

After Ian, CJ, Suki, and Gabe escape Tower Prep, Whisper appears before them as a hologram of a woman in red. (It is not confirmed that this is Whisper 120, but 120 is the only version of Whisper known to be operational at the time.) The hologram tells the four that they are ready for the next level of Tower Prep, and that they will be working with Headmaster to restore Tower Prep to how it used to be. She mentions that in total, there are seven people (including themselves, Headmaster himself, and Cornelius Tower) who know that Headmaster is trying to restore the school from within, but she never mentions the last person before she disappears. ("Fathers")


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