Whisper 23
Role: Computer system
Played by: Chelsea Morgan (voice)
First appearance: Whisper

Whisper 23 is an artificial intelligence computer system and the 23rd Whisper.


Found behind a boarded-up door in the tunnels under Tower Prep, she is a long-buried predecessor of Whisper 119. According to Winslow, the vacuum tube from Whisper 23 dates back to 1947, but uses technology far more advanced than what was known by science at that time. The computer bears a label that shows it was built by SatoScientific.

When Ian, Suki, Gabe and CJ reactivate her, she locks them in and forces them to take a test: a maze-like computer game with threat of electric shocks for failure. After Ian uses his preflex ability to win, she declares him a "candidate" for Tower Prep, suggesting that this was how students were once chosen.Whisper 23 probably locked them in and made them play because Whisper 23 was lonely all that time she was deactivated. The unstable computer attacks CJ and Ian with electric bolts as they try to deactivate her, but is ultimately shut down by a power surge sent by Whisper 119. Later, Whisper 23's vacuum tube is anonymously left in Headmaster's office, where he smashes it. ("Whisper")

Later, CJ goes back to Whisper 23 and removes a resistor needed for Suki's modified transceiver. ("Phone Home")

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