Role: Student
Ability: Eidetic memory
Played by: Miles Chalmers
First appearance: Whisper

Winslow is a student at Tower Prep.


At Tower PrepEdit

Winslow has adapted to Tower Prep well, and spends his time constantly expanding his knowledge. One night, Ian Archer and Gabe Forrest come to him with an object that Winslow had never seen before. This piqued his curiosity and examined it for them. He identified it as a computer vacuum tube containing components that simulate organic DNA, similar to technology M.I.T had just started prototyping within the past few years. Winslow dated the object to be from the late 40's or 50's, meaning it contained technology far ahead of its time. ("Whisper")

He attempted to ask Ian and Gabe where they found it, but they avoided answering and tried to trick him into thinking they already told him. Winslow sees through the lie and responds by pointing out Gabe couldn't persuade him to do anything the first time they met. Gabe then comments on how tough it must be to him, which Winslow answers "Dude, it so is" before examining mindlessly a small bulb with white specks in it as they leave. ("Whisper")


Winslow has eidetic or photographic memory, which means he can recall any information he has learned or seen with perfect accuracy. This allows him to access to the vast amounts of information his mind has absorbed at any moment in time.


Winslow tends to think of himself as superior due to his high intellect, which leads to tensions with others. While he prides himself on being incredibly smart, this sometimes causes him to miss sarcasm and other subtleties. Due to his mind constantly observing information, he tends to get distracted easily by just about any nearby object as he attempts to absorb as much information as possible.


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