Tower Prep has a Work Study program in which students work certain jobs around school to help train their abilities and to earn Tower Credits, a currency that can be used to buy things at the school's store.

All students are assigned a work study job, which is decided by Faculty. However, a student may quit their initial work study job if there is another job available and the Faculty member supervising accepts the student's application. ("Buffer")

One possible purpose for the Work Study program is to teach students how to use their abilities discreetly when they apply for jobs in the outside world after they graduate.

The following students are known to have work study jobs:

  • Suki: Co-announcer for buffer arena
  • Gabe: Unspecified job at the library
  • Ian: Gold Buffer equipment manager (only briefly)
  • Lazlo: Administration building messenger
  • Emerson Poencet: Unspecified job at the administration building [this is indicated by his work study timecard, which made him a suspect for sending the notes to Ian. ("Whisper")]
  • Ross Anderson: Infirmary
  • Jenni Peasley: Infirmary
  • Dan Maxwell: Lead play-by-play announcer for buffer games.

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