The yellow elevator which appeared in "Dreams" is used to transport new students between the medical lab where they have their short-term memory erased and the underground tunnels, which connects to other parts of campus. From that room there's a secret passage to the private office of Cornelius Tower the founder of Tower Prep. The elevator itself is secured with a retinal scanner and only opens for Cornelius Tower or presumably other staff who use the lab, such as Dr. Specs. It is unknown where new students come from prior to the medical lab, because Dr. Specs is only seen coming out of the elevator with Conner.

The yellow elevator is in everyone's dreams except for CJ; it is assumed it is not because she did not enter from that place; therefore it is not in her subconscious.


  • When they first discover the elevator, and Ian gets his eye scanned, a voice says, "Acess Denied.". Later, when they are in Dr. Spec's lab and trying to get into Cornelius's office, a voice recording is required of Cornelius. Using mimicry, Suki uses Cornelius's voice to which the scanner replies, "Cornelius Tower. Its been a long time. Acess granted.". It could be possible that the yellow elevator is run by a different artificial inteligence system seeing that the computer knows its been a long time.
  • Takahiro Sato, when Suki is captured by Shinji and his goons, tells the men guarding her, "Take her down the hallway to the basement, and out through the Yellow elevator." Since he was most likely intending to take her out of Tower Prep, this suggests that the yellow elevator could hold a way out or a quick path to an exit. While this stands, though, it's also possible that he just wanted her memory of Tower Prep erased in the lab. ("Fathers")
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